Pixie ~ Adoption Pending Cairn Terrier Senior Female in Youngstown, Ohio

My story
Hi!! I'm Pixie!

And here's a little about me:Likes:  I like food, treats, belly rubs, laps, cuddling and the couch.  I like to go for walks and for car rides too.  I really like playing with my foster brother.  I've learned that toys can be fun to play with too.  I just like being around my people.  And being well taken care of.  Dislikes:  I don't like people.  Well, stupid people.  And idiot drivers.  Or when the store is out of what I went to go buy.  Oh wait, oops, that was that foster lady talking.  She thought I was asking her what her dislikes are.  Hmmmm, what do I dislike??  When that foster lady runs out of treats.  And when she talks and talks and talks with her annoying voice and won't shut up.  Oh, I don't like it so much when dogs I don't know want to come up to meet me and I have to yell, 6 feet, don't you know??  Personality:   I gots lots of it, I'm told.  They say I'm friendly, love people, that I'm lots of fun and silly at times.  I've even been called spunky.  Temperament:   I don't think I have a temperature??  Oh, temperament.  Well, they say I'm very sweet.  And also friendly but I can be very shy when meeting new people.  I like to think I'm just being polite but I guess my past of likely not being treated so nicely comes back and I seem to be afraid someone might hurt me at first.  Once I meet ya, though, I like to get lots of pets and I like belly rubs too.  I am a mix of calm and sweet but other times excited and playful.  Energy Level:  I drink a redbull every morning, if that tells you anything.  Just kidding.  I stick with coffee.  Well, they switched me over to decaf now.  Just kidding about that too.  I do seem to have lots of energy at times so if you like to go for walks, that's something that will be great for both of us.  By no means am I crazy or out of control, I am just more active than a lot of pups my age.  I learned to play with toys too though sometimes that foster lady has to work at getting me to run after them and play more.  Favorite Activities:  Eating.  Isn't that everyone's favorite activity??  Well it sure is up there on my list!!  I like to take walks and sometimes run around.  I like to eat snacks.  I like to play with one of my foster brothers. Actually, I seem to love to play with him.   I'd like to play with some of the other fosters here but they don't want to play with me.  I will chew on nylabones and things like that.  I also like to work on peanut butter filled frozen kongs or sometimes I get other frozen treats to work on.  I love hanging out on the couch, sleeping on the couch is another favorite activity of mine.Favorite treat:  Outback Steakhouse Ribs.  Pizza Hut Pizza.  Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Katie's Korner Ice Cream.  Hey, a girl can dream, right??   I don't seem to have a favorite treat. I don't really discriminate.  That foster lady likes to give us higher quality treats, chicken ones, and sometimes salmon ones.  I've even been known to eat fresh veggies and even fresh fruit.  I also like other food so you have to watch you don't leave things where I can reach them.  Like chip bags.  I did that once.  I will steal it if I can reach it though she has no idea how I stole that because she thought there was no way I could reach it.  I stole a bag of bagels too but dang it, that stupid foster lady saw me with it and took it away.  Oh, and I guess you have to watch if there's a soft toy I start chewing on because apparently I'm not supposed to swallow any pieces if I chew them off but I will so that lady takes them away before I can do that.Eating Schedule:  I eat twice a day, early morning and then again in the evening.  I also get snacks here and there throughout the day.  Good with Cats, Dogs, and kids over 6?  What is a cat??  We don't have those here so I'm not sure how I would be.  I am fostered with other smaller dogs and do just fine with them but foster mom took things very slow with introducing me to everyone as I seemed afraid of them at first.  I don't like when dogs I don't know just run up in my face or rush to meet me.  Hey, I like to take things slowly.  So if you do have another dog, it might be a bit of a process in making friends but once I know they're ok and not going to hurt me I'm a very good playmate for one that will play with me.  I think kids over 6 are just fine.House Trained:  Affirmative, yes I am.  Signals to go outside:  Nope, I don't do that.  I am good with going out the usual times. I guess if I really had to go, I'd probably keep running to the door and maybe bark but I'm good with waiting until next potty time.Crate trained?:  I prefer not to use a crate, but sometimes I use one.   I like to be around my people and around the activity, and much prefer sleeping on the couch or a doggie bed but if I am crated, I do very well.  I'm quiet and I don't panic.   I sometimes sleep in my crate at night, if I didn't already fall asleep on the couch.  Challenges:  I challenge you to find a dog cuter than me!!  Oh, guess that's not what they mean.  Wait, you think I'm going to admit to any challenges I might present?!?!  Medical  issues:  I guess I've had issues in the past with some kind of allergy.  Probably to fleas which they think is why I had lost so much hair before I was rescued but all of that was treated and resolved.  I had infections in my eyes and ears also so foster mom just keeps an eye on things to make sure those don't happen again.  Our adoption process starts with our application. Once the application is approved, a member of Legacy will contact you to set up a home visit. The home visit usually last 1-1 1/2 hours and is to make sure our dog and any current dogs/cats are getting along, as well as both of us agreeing it's a fit. At this time the adoption fee is due, and begins the 2 week trial. We will check in during the 2 week trial. If it's not working, our dog is returned to the foster home and all except $100.00 {$75 if Senior} of the adoption fee is returned. At the end of the 2 week trial, you decide if you will finalize the adoption - if finalized, the Adoption Contract is signed and all medical records are turned over to you. If at any time you need to rehome the dog it contractually needs to be returned to Legacy Dog Rescue.ADOPTION FEE's:Puppies under 6 months:  $199.00Adults:  $150.00Seniors (over 7 yrs):  $99.00If you are interested in one of our dogs please fill out an application: https://form.jotform.com/165
If you have any questions or would like to adopt Pixie ~ Adoption Pending, please reach out to the adoption group directly. PetSmart Charities does not facilitate the adoption process. Thank you.

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