Pippi Poodle (Miniature) Adult Female in Youngstown, Ohio

My story
Hey Everybooty, guess what?!?!  Guess who's ready to find a forever loving home??  ME!!  Well this time it will be a forever thing because I had a home before but I guess it wasn't a forever thing for them so I ended up needing a new place to go and then ended up with that thing they call rescue.  I guess I got lucky, though, because my eye was hurting really badly and I couldn't see out of it and those rescue people took me to that doctoring place right away so I could get all fixed up and better and I really needed cleaned up because I was an icky mess of hair. That's all behind me now and I feel great!!  That fostering lady said I am such a good girl.  I like when she says that.  And she tells me how pretty I am.  I like that too.  You know what else I like??  Car rides.  I love to go bye-byes.   And I love going for walks too.  I get so excited!!  Foster crazy lady says I walk really nicely.  I like squeaky toys too.  And treats.  And laps.  I love to settle in on a lap and also sleep by someone when I can.  A lot of times at night I sleep on the crazy lady's bed.  I do really good being brushed and I do good for baths too.  Last time that crazy lady even blow dried me and I didn't mind that either.  Sometimes I'll sit by her when she blow dries her own hair.  I like meeting people too.I am fostered with other dogs, they are all around my size.  They're ok, we all get along.  Sometimes I don't like if they want to get in my face too much but that doesn't happen that often. I don't think I'd like wild and crazy dogs. Sometimes I'll play with my foster sister, but she plays pretty nicely.  I don't like when other dogs try to stick their head in my food bowl so if you have other dogs you might have to feed me separately unless they know how to respect my space.  I'm fed with 2 of the boys here in the same area and a lot of times they finish eating before me but ever since I warned them away with a low growl, they don't come near me or my bowl until I'm done and walk away.  Then that lady just picks it up.  Let's see, what else can I tell you about myself??  I think they said I'm around 6 years old??  I don't remember when I was born so I can't tell you for sure.  I'm really smart.  I sometimes do doggie puzzles and I know how to do sit and down and shake and roll over and that lady said I could probably learn a lot more because of how smart I am.  I like to just go with the flow and have fun.  Oh, and that lady said to say that I don't potty in the house either. I guess that's a big deal to some people. I know that the great outdoors is where I am supposed to potty.  I just want to be someone's pal....I love to be near my people and I'll probably even follow you around.  I think that's about all I can think of for now....Oh, but one last thing.....if you are the lucky ones chosen to adopt me, make sure you will love me and promise to take great care of me forever and ever, just as I will stick by your side and love you forever.  I'm looking for a lifetime of fun and good times and lots of love, with a home that will love me and spoil me and cherish me.  Thank goodness that will happen now, unlike before.  That lady said someone will be very lucky to add me to their family.....Our adoption process starts with our application. Once the application is approved, a member of Legacy will contact you to set up a home visit. The home visit usually last 1-1 1/2 hours and is to make sure our dog and any current dogs/cats are getting along, as well as both of us agreeing it's a fit. At this time the adoption fee is due, and begins the 2 week trial. We will check in during the 2 week trial. If it's not working, our dog is returned to the foster home and all except $100.00 {$75 if Senior} of the adoption fee is returned. At the end of the 2 week trial, you decide if you will finalize the adoption - if finalized, the Adoption Contract is signed and all medical records are turned over to you. If at any time you need to rehome the dog it contractually needs to be returned to Legacy Dog Rescue.ADOPTION FEE's:Puppies under 6 months:  $199.00Adults:  $150.00Seniors (over 7 yrs):  $99.00If you are interested in one of our dogs please fill out an application: https://form.jotform.com/165
If you have any questions or would like to adopt Pippi, please reach out to the adoption group directly. PetSmart Charities does not facilitate the adoption process. Thank you.

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